On Sat, Mar 12, 2005 at 09:57:54PM -0800, Jeff Trefftzs wrote:
> I recently upgraded to gimp-2.2.4 (and .3 before that), just after I
> installed Red Hat Fedora Core 3 as my new latest-and-greatest operating
> system.  I'm running it on an AMD K6 processor, 450 Mhz, 256MB of RAM,
> plenty of HD space.
> Whereas in gimp-2.0.x images would load promptly, I find that with 2.2.x
> that there is an approximately 40 second delay between the time the
> progress bar says the image is ready and the time it appears on the
> screen.  I use the Gimp a lot for tweaking digital photos, usually
> loading the original photo and then immediately duplicating it so I
> don't mess up my 'negative'.  (I'm sure you can guess why).  But now I
> find that it takes 40+ seconds to load the original image (1600x1200 px,
> maybe a couple of hundred MB), and another 40 sec or so to duplicate it.
> Eeek!  What's happened here?  I have tried boosting the tile cache t0
> 160Mb and stripping the executable, but with no result.  Has anyone else
> seen this problem, and have y'all any suggestions?  Since I haven't
> noticed anyone else having this problem, it's probably something I'm
> doing (or not doing), but I don't know what it might be.

Upgrade to the latest gtk2 in Fedora. GTK+ versions prior to 2.4.14 had
rather inefficient GtkUIManager code. The stalls you are seeing is the
time it takes the build the large number of menu items GIMP has with
its image windows.

Supposedly a GIMP package which actually has a hard dependency on
gtk2 >= 2.4.14 will show up in Fedora updates soon.

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