Micheal LeVine wrote:

Yesterday I struggled to install gimp 2.2.2 on my Redhat system, and finally got over the hurdles, thanks to help from several people on this mail reflector.

Have you tried to find a rpm via rpmfind.net ? or via google ? There are some fedora packages of recent gimp releases available at several places.

But now that it is up and running, there are a lot of mysteries which remain:

lots of wire_read error messages on startup. Do I have to download all of the libraries (plugins?) that are missing?
Why weren't they part of the package?

Libraries are shared between many projects, so they should not be included in every package. This would have at least 2 big drawbacks:
1- the size of downloads would explode (nearly every archive would include Qt/KDE libs or GTK/GNOME ones + libpng + libjpeg etc.)
2- unless compiled statically, the programs would crash often because a newly installed package as downgraded a library.

This version seems unable to recognize any JPG files which gimp 1.2.3 is perfectly happy with

When you run ./configure, the console output tells you if some dependencies libraries were not found. Sometimes, these dependencies are optional, which means there will be no error, just a warning and you will be able to compile. You should see in the console a message saying "looking for libwhatever - no" or similar.
This looks for the devel package (containing the include files) corresponding to these libraries. If they are not found, or if the version is not correct, this could be a reason for your problems. Gimp 1.x is pre-built in your case so it does not need the devel packages to work. Also, gimp 1.x probably relies on other versions of these libraries.

There seems to be no screen capture feature, which was included in 1.2.3

It definitely is there in the toolbox window (File ->Acquire ->screenshot) for me . It might have changed position since gimp 1.x however (I do not remember wher it was). Or it is related to your libraries problem.

The binary of 2.2.2 that I downloaded and installed on my Mac OSX system has none of these problems.


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