(Regarding needing to expand the Save As dialog to show directories:)

Pasi Savolainen writes:
> I keep original photos in a separate directory tree. After modifying
> them with gimp, they're saved in a folder of my choice. Which happens to
> be never the one I open image from (and which is suggested in
> save-dialog), so it's wrong every single time.

I'm in the same situation as Pasi.  I often open an image wherever
it originally lives, then after I make a change, save to to whatever
working directory I'm using.  I guess a better model now would be
to go to a shell and cp the file to the new location before touching
it with gimp, but with 2.0 and 1.x it was no problem, so I got in
the habit of staying within gimp for the whole job.

> It could be 'easily' remedied by showing some kind of a list with
> 'favourite' targets. It does have that, but it's collapsed along with

"Favorites" or "Bookmarks" that were always visible would help some
of the time, but not all of the time: I can't bookmark every
directory where I ever save images, so I tend to bookmark the
top of a hierarchy, then navigate down within that hierarchy.
Navigating down is hard in this dialog (it's easy if directory
names are unique, but not if there are any name conflicts) and
usually I end up just typing the whole subdirectory path and
hoping I don't mistype.

Naming conflicts in files are another reason I frequently expand
the dialog.  I often save successive images to similar names. 
For instance, I might have lesson6-step1.jpg, lesson6-step2.jpg,
lesson7-step1, etc.  The autocomplete in the dialog will only
complete up up to the first conflict, and after that, my choices are:
- type out the whole "6-step2.jpg" part (with the old dialog,
  I could have typed 6<tab> and not had to type "-step.jpg");
- arrow down through the list until I get to a file with a
  similar name (and then hit return, reminding myself that return in
  this case doesn't actually save to the name I chose, only loads
  that name into the text field and I'll still be able to edit it; I
  have a hard time making myself hit return in a save as dialog when
  I'm pointed at a file that already exists and I don't want to
  overwrite); or
- expand the dialog, scroll down, and click on one of the existing
  filenames so that I can edit it.

The last frequently ends up being easiest -- though it's still harder
than autocomplete with the old dialog, since it requires the mouse.

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