Thomas Leonard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> It's not possible to set the name when dragging from the toolbox, so
> everything ends up being called 'Untitled' :-(

Actually this is something that surprised me about XDS. It doesn't
specify how to handle untitled documents. I was expecting that if I
don't set a leafname as content of the "XdndDirectSave0" property,
that the file-manager I am dragging the image to would ask me for the
filename. I had it implemented that way first but rox-filer gave me
an error message:

  XdndDirectSave0 target provided, but the atom
  XdndDirectSave0 (type text/plain) did not contain a leafname

I have thus changed the XDS code in GIMP to always provide a leafname,
using "Untitled.xcf" if no other name has been set.

The XDS spec could need a few changes, clarifications. It would be
nice if the empty leafname would be accepted and it would also be nice
if the spec was more clear about the filename encoding.

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