Thanks for prompt reply - I'll (attempt to) look into mentioned updates.
BTW: What is XCF?? :)

I might add the information that prior to my first 'save as'-attempt(s), the 
computer began acting rather 'sluggishly': Even simple(?) tasks took VERY 
long time to accomplish - it felt like running short on RAM??

I'm in no way any kind of expert on graphics handling, but during GIMP 
installation I got the impression that some kind of 'virtual memory' ('swap') 
was being allocated (64 MB?)

I don't know the specific memory requirements for the transactions I 
performed, but intuitively they would seem << 64 MB!?

Does this shed any more light over the matter? :)

Happy Easter,

Sunday, 27 March 2005 05:45 Jeffrey Brent McBeth wrote:
> There is a a couple known bugs in SuSE dealing with JPEGs.  I can't imagine
> that being the problem since you are going to save this as a XCF so you
> keep your layer support, but SuSE updates for the JPEG libraries might
> still be worth looking into.

> Jeff
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