[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2005-03-26 at 2217.47 -0500):
> Normal Gimp behavior seems to be to not work much at all. And normal 
> behavior on the support forums seems to be to ignore requests for 
> assistance.

Well, best way to to get help with bugs is bugzilla. Using the search
function, marking gimp, marking all status and using "jpeg" as search
term gets you a nice list of issues. No idea if the problem that you
have (and makes you be in so "happy" mood) is in that list. You can
always fill a new report and see if it i kept open, or is closed as
duplicate of another. In one of the last bugs of that list there is a
link http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=164053 which maybe is
your problem, or maybe not, it seems to point the MSWindows installer
ships faulty code. But at least there is people handling problems.

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