Jeffrey Brent McBeth wrote:
On Sat, Mar 26, 2005 at 10:17:47PM -0500, Peter Jon White wrote:

Hans Henrik Hansen wrote:

This evening I installed GIMP 2.0 under SuSE 9.2/KDE3.3.0

I wanted to add some text layers to a .jpg-file - five layers altogether.
When I attempted 'save as' GIMP crashed, and all my work was gone! :(
One more attempt ended same way - finally I got through by saving one layer at a time!

I am wondering if this is normal GIMP behavio(u)r??

There is a a couple known bugs in SuSE dealing with JPEGs.  I can't imagine
that being the problem since you are going to save this as a XCF so you keep
your layer support, but SuSE updates for the JPEG libraries might still be
worth looking into.

Make sure your 9.2 is up to date via YOU. I'm running 9.2 here with gimp 2.0 and have no problems saving to xcf or jpeg.

Normal Gimp behavior seems to be to not work much at all. And normal behavior on the support forums seems to be to ignore requests for assistance.

I'm sorry you feel that way.

Ignore him, nothing but a troll.

Until later, Geoffrey
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