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Geoffrey wrote:


Ignore him, nothing but a troll.


If so, it's the first time in the history of the internet that a troll has signed his posting.

That's utter crap.


As used on the Internet:

1) As a verb, the practice of trying to lure other Internet users into sending responses to carefully-designed incorrect statements or similar "bait."

It's interesting that you had nothing to say when I reported the problem, twice. And it's interesting that you had nothing to say when I asked for a source of paid support.

I don't answer questions I don't have an answer for. I'm a user, not a developer of GIMP. With your attitude, I'm less likely to attempt to assist with any problem you might have. If you'd like, search for my email address and you'll find where I provide a lot of assistance to issues I have knowledge in. GIMP just isn't one of them.

Software that doesn't work as advertised isn't of much use. And if there's no way to get assistance, business users like myself will not waste much time trying to get it to work when there are alternatives.

This might match your perception, regardless, it is highly skewed. Again, if you take a different approach you might get a better results.

Different than what? If you mean different than the three original posts asking for assistance, they got no response at all. Perhaps that's what you mean by better results? It was only when I made my critical post that I got any reply. But as I suggested in that post, it's all moot, since Photoshop works just fine.


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