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Different than what? If you mean different than the three original posts asking for assistance, they got no response at all. Perhaps that's what you mean by better results? It was only when I made my critical post that I got any reply. But as I suggested in that post, it's all moot, since Photoshop works just fine.

Great, then leave this list and find your way back to your Photoshop...

Holy cow guys, you are both being overly rude. Calm down. I'm working through Peter's problems, I hope help him on this. I have so far been unable to reproduce his issue, even with the image he has provided, which BTW, counts as one of the more disconcerting images I've seen in a while. What do you do for a living?

I suspect Peter didn't get a response on the first three times because none of us has seen what he saw, and he is not familiar with how to report bugs in a development environment. This is complicated by the fact that we are all _users _ here, just like him. We help each other because we are nice people. Most of us are "business people" too, so wild comments about needing to teach us about how things work in the real world are unwelcome. On the other hand, if we are bent on world domination, we have to be nice to the accolites. If we are bent on scratching our own itch (as I am), we have to be nice to our fellow man anyway.

I install GIMP on new machines at least once a week as part of doing my work, and have never had it fail out of the box. Peter has had the opposite experience. Computers are like that. Shit happens.


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