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I'm working
through Peter's problems, I hope help him on this. I have so far been unable to reproduce his issue, even with the image he has provided, which BTW, counts as one of the more disconcerting images I've seen in a while. What do you do for a living?

I build bicycle wheels. The photo is of some eskimos butchering a whale. It was shot by a friend for whom I was trying to get The Gimp working, and was the first image I loaded into The Gimp.

I suspect Peter didn't get a response on the first three times because none of us has seen what he saw, and he is not familiar with how to report bugs in a development environment. This is complicated by the fact that we are all _users _ here, just like him.

Except that there is one person who has been posting all along who has a email address. I even sent that person a private email asking if he could direct me to a source of tech support. No reply, and he's been corresponding with others on the list since.

We help each other
because we are nice people. Most of us are "business people" too, so wild comments about needing to teach us about how things work in the real world are unwelcome.

But what you call "wild comments" may be helpful to the people developing The Gimp and who are soliciting donations. For example, I tried for over an hour to figure out the bug reporting function on teh website. I couldn't make heads or tails of it. I'm sure it's easy for a programmer, but for a bicycle wheelbuilder it's less than obvious how it works.

My comments were not directed at other users, but at the developers.

I install GIMP on new machines at least once a week as part of doing my work, and have never had it fail out of the box. Peter has had the opposite experience. Computers are like that. Shit happens.


I agree. But when someone points out a problem on a forum monitored by the product's developers, I would thing the developers would take some interest.

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