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Geoffrey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I have attempted to duplicate the problem as well.  I'm running SuSE
9.2 and re-installed gimp 2.0.  The only thing I can find that creates
such a problem is when gimp takes up too much memory and the OS kills
gimp. I have 9.2 on a laptop with 768 mb memory.  I created a very
large jpeg and saved it fine on this box.  I then removed 512 mb of
memory, performed the same and gimp hit the cache.  Once the cache
approached being full, GIMP was killed by the OS.

You can control the amount of memory that GIMP uses by tuning the tile-cache size setting. GIMP will then use a swap file instead of causing an OOM situation that might cause it to be killed by the OS. Of course things will become rather slow as soon as GIMP starts using the swap file.

Understood. I should have been more specific. I was referring to the OS running completely out of memory (ram and swap). In such a case, the OS begins to kill processes it thinks are the culprit.

Until later, Geoffrey
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