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Tuesday, 29 March 2005 23:22 Sven Neumann wrote:

You can control the amount of memory that GIMP uses by tuning the
tile-cache size setting. GIMP will then use a swap file instead of
causing an OOM situation that might cause it to be killed by the OS.
Of course things will become rather slow as soon as GIMP starts using
the swap file.

I did it again tonight under almost identical circumstances: Similar background picture, similar text (only four text layers this time, though): No 'sluggishness', no problems with saving - so in some way it remains a mystery what happened last time!?

Are you sure the circumstances were identical? Did you have anything else running on the box before that's not running now? I still suspect it was an issue of not enough memory/swap.

On a Suse 9.2 self-compiled Gimp 2.2 with 1 Gb of Ram and 1 Gb of swap, and app. 30 Gb free on the harddrive where Gimp has it's swap/cache.
I have been working on some hollyday photos, all about 3,5 Mb of size, to crop, rotate and others to make them ready for showing on the tv.
All were OK and I made copies in the xcf format, but when I tried to save in the jpeg format, Gimp crashed - not each time, but still too often.

mvh Mogens Jęger

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