Michael Schumacher wrote:
On a Suse 9.2 self-compiled Gimp 2.2 with 1 Gb of Ram and 1 Gb of swap, and app. 30 Gb free on the harddrive where Gimp has it's swap/cache.
I have been working on some hollyday photos, all about 3,5 Mb of size, to crop, rotate and others to make them ready for showing on the tv.
All were OK and I made copies in the xcf format, but when I tried to save in the jpeg format, Gimp crashed - not each time, but still too

Maybe SuSE broke the libjpeg they ship with 9.2?

I don't use gimp a lot, but I have used it on 9.2 to create/modify a number of jpegs, I'd say 20-30.

For those folks who are having these problems, are you keeping your SuSE up to date with YOU? That's the only other thing I could imagine.

Until later, Geoffrey
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