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> Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2005 02:35:40 -0300
> From: Ary Kaplan Nakamura <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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> Subject: [Gimp-user] "action" and "batch"
> I`m moving from Photoshop to Gimp and what I can`t find is the "action"
> option.
> What I mean is that I want to program some actions (like re size, save, etc)
> and then automatically run them.
> In photoshop that is call "action" and the automatising to a whole directory
> is call "automate --> batch".
> What about Gimp ?

No not yet sorry.

If you are a programmer or know someone who is it is possible to write
scripts that help automate tasks but there is no way to record them
automatically like with Adobe Photoshop Actions.


Alan Horkan
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