On Sat, 2 Apr 2005, Richard C. Steffens wrote:

> Is there a set of instructions for automating the task of scaling images?
> I have a large number of images that I want to scale to three different 
> sizes. 
> each scaled to a different size and leaving them in that directory. To get 
> even fancier, I'd save each size in a sub-directory.

 Take a look at this sample bash script I just wrote for you: (it uses the 
convert program from ImageMagick)

mkdir small
mkdir medium
mkdir large
for i in *jpg; do
    convert -resize 150x150 $i small/`basename $i .jpg`-small.jpg;
    convert -resize 640x480 $i medium/`basename $i .jpg`-medium.jpg;
    convert -resize 1600x1200 $i large/`basename $i .jpg`-large.jpg;

 I haven't test it in any way, so be carefull. I hope this 'll get you 

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