On Sunday 03 April 2005 08:54 am, GR Kumaran wrote:

> Hello,
> Can anyone give me the address or steps on how to install Gimp in
> MandrakeLinux?  I had downloaded the RPM from Fedora, but I could not
> install it, when I do 'rpm -i ......'.    Here the questions is,
> actually I am very new to Linux.  So here I now request someone to
> help.
> Thanks,
> R. Kumaran

I installed the GimpShop rpm from a link on the page below and it worked for 
my Mandrake 10.1 system. It's uses Gimp version 2.2.4.


It's a hacked version of Gimp but seems to have all of the functionality and 
new features of Gimp. Just enter "gimp" to start it.

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