I'm using Gimp (2.2.3) and Perl Gimp to render/paint images automatically on my website (with gimp running on a Xvfb display without an interface). That works pretty well, but i notice that Gimp's memory footprint grows in line with the number of images i did create. Images are properly returned, and don't show up in Gimp's image list after they're done (and returned from the script).

Additionally, i'm trying to clean up stale images regularly with a script like:

             @array = Gimp::gimp_image_list();
             while ($img = shift(@array)) {
                print "Deleting Image: $img\n";

which seems to work for images where the script died while rendering (reports about 1 or 2 images after having created about 500 - 1000 images in a session). However, gimp's memory footprint still continues to grow without the script above reporting any open images, and i have to restart gimp every few hundred images to reduce it's memory usage.

The script-fu and Perl-Server footprints are fine - they're not growing at all.

So, are my scripts buggy and leaking some (which?) kinds of resources? Are there any other methods to expire stale objects ("zombie" drawables not associated to any image - is this possible?) or is Gimp / it's plugins itself leaking? Does anybody else experience this?

Any advice appreciated.


Alex Mayrhofer

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