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> Hi folks,
> I wonder how I can put things in the alpha channel...
> I want to take an image (eg. screenshot) and paint
> partial transparency into the resulting image.
if you are using a screenshot, first Layers -->Transparency -->Add Alpha

after that, i suggest working with the eraser directly on the image to
see if that can do what you would like.  you can adjust the transparency
in the tool options.

> I found out that I can do "Layer -> Add Mask", then
> paint (eg using gradients, with "multiply" ) and then
> do "Layer -> Apply Mask" which gives me the desired
> /visual/ result, but I would like to apply the mask
> to the /alpha/ channel and not to the /r/g/b/ channels.
> How would I do this?
where the layer mask is white, there is no transparency.  where it is
black it is transparent.  gray produces semi transparency.  try by
adding a white layer mask, select an area on it and fill that with
black.  paint a black to white gradient on the mask and it will be
transparent to opague according to how you painted the gradient.


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