[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2005-04-04 at 2300.46 -0400):
> Interesting tutorial.  Wondering what the Gimp equivalent of the
> highpass filter is?  Played a bit with Edge Detect, but there's a lot of
> options there.

>From bottom of http://www.3dgate.com/techniques/2001/010625/0625hajba2.html

This is exactly what happens when you use the High Pass filter in
Photoshop. To prove my point, you can try and do the same thing
manually by using Gaussian Blur. The procedure goes as follows:

* Create a duplicate layer of the texture you're working on and move
  it on top (if your texture has several layers, Select All, then Copy
  Merged, and paste it on top)

* Invert the duplicate layer

* Reduce the layer's opacity to 50% - this results in a gray image as
  the layers cancel each other completely

* Select Filters/Blur/Gaussian Blur, activate the Preview, and tweak
  the radius slider.

In GIMP terms:

The same, except that preview does not let you see the final result,
so you have to undo and rerun until happy with the values. And Copy
Merged seems to be like Copy Visible.

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