Hi there - I'm a newb to the linux/gimp world, and previously only
dwelt on Photoshop elements in WinXP.

I've been lurking the typical web pages and reading up on the
tutorials, and was wondering if someone somewhere has a simple way to
make a 'stencil' image.  (Think stencils like spray painting type,
though I use it for stamp carving.)  In photoshop, all one really does
is make a greyscale (for which there is a good tute) and fiddle with
the contrast a bit.  (Here's a sample tute for PS: 
http://home.agalis.net/bcostley/Letterbox/PSinst.htm, though the ones
for stencils are generally better made)

If someone could point me in the right direction, I'd surely appreciate it.

Also - Again I'm new, but aside from the archives, is there an easy
way to read back on the list?  I feel terrible, because I'm sure
something like this has been beaten to death already.

Sara C. Schein
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