Ketil Froyn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Thanks for the responses. I guess one major limiting factor could be the
> types used internally by the GIMP. For instance, if it does operations on
> uint32 type variables internally, I'd think the compiler needs to be
> pretty clever to make use of 64 bit operations. But now I'm getting into
> deep waters here here...:) I was hoping someone in the know could confirm
> whether there's any point going to 64 bit to make the GIMP faster, rather
> than just getting a faster 32 bit CPU.

The only real advantage you will get from a 64bit CPU is that you can
address more than 4GB of RAM and will be able to handle very large
images in GIMP provided that you actually stuff more than 4GB of RAM
into your hardware.

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