On Fri, Apr 08, 2005 at 01:27:24PM +0200, Reinhard Drube wrote:
> >>> > is there a way to avoid that the whole file tree
> >>> > is accessed upon 'file open'? Running gimp on a
> >>> > unix machine with AFS client contacts every AFS
> >>> > cell around the world. That lasts >15 minutes
> >>> > for a simple file open! So I am looking for
> >>> > a gimmick at least to avoid access to path /afs.
> >>> > I think the same problems can occur with nfs mounted
> >>> > file systems.
> >>> >
> >>> > Before that I operated with gimp 2.0.3 where only
> >>> > the path was scanned where gimp was started. This
> >>> > worked fine.
> >> File a bug against gtk+. The old filesel special cased /afs and /net,
> >> the new one doesn't appear to.
> I think this is not the fact. If I compile
> gtk+-2.4.14/examples/filesel/filesel.c

That uses GtkFileSelection, not GtkFileChooser. Like I said,
GtkFileSelection (the old, deprecated widget) special cased things.
GtkFileChoose does not.

> this program works fast and fine. There you have a pulldown menu
> which contains the cwd and all supaths. But without inspecting them
> until I select them!
> On the other hand the 'open file' of gimp 2.2.4 offers one clickable
> button per subpath. And as I see on the console these subpaths are
> inspected. That is absolutely nonsens.

The fact that the dialogs look *completely* different, as you noticed,
should've been a tip off that you were testing different things.
> So if some of you can tell me where is the source file I can change
> I will do.

If you feel like trying to fix it yourself, start with
gtkfilesystemunix.c. There isn't any special casing infastructure there
though, so if you were hoping for a one-line change, it's going to be
more work than that.

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