Hi all

I have managed to get Fedora Core 3 installed on my computer through nightly downloads in around 26 days.  But the Gimp version is 2.04.  I can't find binaries on RedHat's website (Even if I found and downloaded a 2.2.6 binary, would I still be able to run it?).  As a last resort, I downloaded gimp2.2.6 sources but after reading a very long list of source packages in the INSTALL doc that 2.26 depends on, I have gave up.  It's because I read that you have to have a different prefix if you want to install it parallel to your existing gimp installation.  What is meant by Prefix?  Further, even if I download all the files, that the gimp depends on, can I build them on my Fedora Core 3 parallel to the equivalent older versions already installed?  It would be great if I could get 2.2.6 running with minimum hassle.  I receive gimp-user list messages in an email-digest form so my replies won't be that frequent.

Thanks in advance


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