jpeg compression is lossy by definition.  There is no such thing as
lossless jpeg compression.

Personally, I only LZW (which is lossless) for tiff.  I cannot think of
any reason why you would ever want to use jpeg compression for a tiff
over a straight jpeg format. I've had zero experience experience with
the Pack Bits and Deflate options.

On a side note, at work we have high spec color laser jet printer that
happens to have scanning capabilities as well.  For some reason, the
tiffs it creates are tiff w/jpeg compression with NO option to change it
to other any other compression type or even muck with the jpeg
compression setting.  I noticed that the Gimp doesn't give any option
either for the jpeg compression setting when saving as a tiff.

On Sat, 2005-04-16 at 22:46 +0200, cedric wrote:
> Reading Tiff specs for Scribus Team, we saw that Tiif could have JPEG
> compression. We add a simple question : is gimp implementation of Tiff
> jpeg compression lossless ? And in which case use one or another
> compression options ?
> regards.
> Cedric
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