On 4/18/05, Asif Lodhi wrote:
> Thanks for the help, Owen.  I did exactly as you advised and 2.2.6 is
> running on my system now.  However, I am afraid I might get into run-time
> errors.

 If ./configure said it's ok, then it's ok. Don't be afraid. Enjoy
your new gimp :)

>  I have not yet tried the "yum update" method recommended by Steve as
> running configure with a different "prefix" did work.

 You should at least run yum update gtk2* to avoid severe speed
problems when opening an image. yum will download the relevant binary
rpms from redhat with all their dependencies and install them. yum
update gimp-* will install the latest redhat update for gimp (2.2.4,
but I guess soon there will be a 2.2.6 there...). With yum you can
keep your system updated and I advise you to do so.

>  Is it safe to carry out a "yum update" exercise from root?  Or, can I also
> do it from a normal user account?

 yum update will install the relevant updates (issued by redhat) for
your machine. It will work only if you are root.
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