Owen Cook wrote:
On Sun, 17 Apr 2005, Asif Lodhi wrote:


OK, go to your gimp-2.2.6 directory

type     ./configure --help     and have a read, even it it means little

You will see how to install in another prefix, example

./configure --prefix=/opt will configure so that it is built in /opt

I've been meaning to take another shot at learning how to compile the gimp from source for a while now. I'm running FC2 which has rpms available for almost all of the requirements and optional packages. Unfortunately the atk rpm is version 1.6.0 (www.gimp.org/source lists 1.6.1 as required) and the fontconfig rpm is 2.2.1-10 (2.2.2 required).

Seeing how these are quite close and as you mentioned the parallel /opt configure method, I went ahead and ./configure, make and make installed. Gimp 2.2.6 did compile without error messages but didn't function properly. After opening a few jpgs and cropping them, it saved the first immediately without opening the jpg options dialog, and on the second and subsequent attempts to save jpgs it hung (though it did respond to the close button as opposed to requiring a killall -HUP gimp).

So, two main questions: 1) is there a way to compile atk and fontconfig in parallel to the already installed rpms (as the gimp 2.2.6 was) and then pass a configure option or edit a script to have gimp use the new versions?; and, 2) when it became necessary to uninstall the faulty 2.2.6 I found that make clean from the source directory tried to erase files from /usr/local/ rather than /opt where gimp 2.2.6 was actually installed -- is there a way to pass an option to make clean to tell it to remove the gimp from /opt? Are /opt and /home/.gimp-2.2 the only directories (besides the untarred source directory) that need to be manually deleted?


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