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I have managed to get Fedora Core 3 installed on my computer through
nightly downloads in around 26 days. But the Gimp version is 2.04.

Redhat updated gimp to 2.2 shortly after the release of fedora 3. Your best chance to get this working is to run yum update gimp* This will download and install gimp 2.2.4 and any other software needed. (I _strongly_ suggest to also do a yum update gtk2*) _______________________________________________ Gimp-user mailing list

I recommend you download the alternative yum.conf file from to get access to some of the faster and better maintained repositories, if you haven't already. If these fail to include an rpm you want, there are a number of rpm databases that can be searched for binaries in other repositories (, and are a few). Best of all though, do a google search and you'll almost certainly find your package if it exists. In order to do an effective search you'll need to understand the nomencalture of an rpm, but just looking at the names of the files should show you what you need to search for (ie. gimp-2.2.6 .fc3 .rpm).

If you can't find an rpm for a popular app like the GIMP, wait around for a couple of days. One's bound to be put out eventually.

Anyway, I found an rpm here:

You can try installing it by downloading it to a local directory and typing "rpm -ivh path/to/filename.rpm" at the console. If it throws up dependancy issues and there aren't too many then download those and try again. Try and get them from the standard repos if you can ("yum install dependancy"). Failing that, you can download all the dependancies to your local folder and then add some instructions to the yum.conf file to include it as a repository. You should be able to work out how to do this by studying the contents of that file, it's not very difficult to understand. (Do yourself a favour and back it up before you start editing it, though. Just in case accidentally delete something you didn't want to.) Once you've done this, typing "yum update gimp" should install the rpm and resolve dependancies for you. You should see the local directory be mentioned in the list of searched repositories if you edited the yum.conf file correctly.

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