Carol Spears wrote:


some of the developers keep saying things about a new gimp release and
needing a new splash.

should we have another contest?

i admit, i have been avoiding treading on the success of the last one,
however there seems to be need of both new development and stable
splashes ....

any thoughts?

Blender has been holding a splash contest before every release, and it gets some pretty impressive stuff. So yeah, go ahead and have another one! Make it a tradition to have a contest, but make sure that the accepted submissions not only look great but also maintain a consistent GIMP "brand," rather than vacillating and recreating the brand with every release. There is no cohesion between the 1.2, 2.0, and 2.2 splashes, and this makes the GIMP look more like a beta-type work in progress than the mature program that it really is.

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