On Sun, Apr 24, 2005 at 11:43:00AM -0600, jim feldman wrote:
what i learned about pdf from the openicc mail list.

long ago when i was first able to read and make pdf on my little linux
computer, my pdf looked terrible on my computer and the pdf i was able
to make did not look good displayed on windows.  this was a fact.  these
files also really taxed my computer.  it was a 486.  i had limited ram,
cpu and disc space.  i could read pdf, my computer had a very difficult
time doing anything else while i displayed it, however.  this week i
found out one of the reasons for this.

the only way they could ensure that pdf display really well on windows
was to include the font that they used in the file.  fonts are huge
files!  my poor old computer was suffering by needing to read in the
huge file when it could only read and display small portions of this
information that was clogging the resources.

probably this was a terrible illegal thing they did also, saving the
font with file.  i think the free software people would have gotten 
into huge amounts of legal trouble if they had did this.  it is theft 
and it is a stupid design.

gimp has suffered a lot from refusing to do things this way throughout 
the years, however, things work much better now, for everyone; not just
gimp and linux.  and none of gimps smart developers wasted too much time 
doing stupid things like writing software that makes you steal fonts.

when the gimp finally can manage color, i have a feeling everyone will
know that it is REALLY HONESTLY managing color.  not just assuring you
that it is.


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