I'm trying to build menus for DVDs which are sensitive to the number of colors in the pgn files. I've got two related (I think) questions concerning coloring in The Gimp.

I want to create a layer with text on it that will be used as labels for buttons. I want the text to be in a single color and the layer to have a transparent background. That should total to two colors in the layer. When I create the layer and then save it as a png file, it winds up with about 10 colors. I assume this is because of antialiasing, but I'm not experienced enough with The Gimp to know. How would I create the text in a single color?

Second, I want to change the color of text on the first layer to generate a png file that will be used to indicate highlighted buttons. How do I change all the non-transparent pixels in a layer from one color to another? I've tried painting and bucket-fill of each character, but that is tedious and generates yet more colors per layer, I suppose because of feathering. There seems like there should be a simpler way.


Andrew Robinson
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