On Sat, Apr 23, 2005 at 08:03:07PM -0600, jim feldman wrote:
> I'm working with scanned medium format film images that are TIFF's of 100MB
> each.  The GIMP environment is gimp 2.2.6 (built from ports about a week ago)
> on FreeBSD 5.3 Release.  The display is a Linux (RH9) box.  The tiff's are
> created by vuescan on linux.
> The FreeBSD box was running with "only" 512MB memory.  GIMP and the
> OS paged so much, the disk light went solid red for 2 minutes every time I
> touched
> the image. I doubled the system memory, and figured I should set GIMP's tile
> cache up to 600MB.  I load the first image, and gimp tells me the image is
> 6228x5117, True color, and 247 MB in memory.  I then tried to filters> colors>
> decompose> RGB (so I could play with B&W) and GIMP died.  I've attached a log
> from a run that included stack trace mode and debug handlers.  we died in
> gmem.c trying to allocate 8192 bytes.  If I set the tile cache back down to
> 400MB however, everything works fine.  500MB also caused it to crash.  I fI
> don't instrument it, I get a script-fu:29966: LibGimpBase-WARNING **:
> script-fu: wire_read(): error before it exits.

For what it's worth, I (a graphics newbie) encountered this problem over the
weekend.  Images ranged in size from 15 to 87 MB.  They were acquired by
scanning using xsane on a Debian 3.0r2, Linux 2.4.18 machine and saved
directly to xcf format using gimp 1.2.3.  I was trying to separate the text
of a scanned glossy-magazine article from the page background using the
select by colour menu funtion.  Got around it by copying smaller amounts of
text to a separate layer and selecting by colour on these smaller portions
of text.



> Bugzilla time?
> thanks
> jim
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