On Sun, May 01, 2005 at 07:46:44PM +0200, Stefan Frings wrote:
> Hello,
> I like to optimize more than 100 photos (jpeg, 640x480) for web publishing. I 
> noticed thet the files are much smaller when I simply load and overwrite them 
> with gimp with very minor loss of quality.
> I woul dlike to do this with all my pictures in an automatic batch job. Ho 
> can 
> I do this?
> If there is another nice Linux program, then this would also be ok for me but 
> I assume that Gimp can do it - I assume that Gimp can do everything:-)

while there is no one button or process that is included with gimp that
will accomplish this task, the question is often asked and the
information to answer it should be easy to find.

what i would like to do is to help you with your search words.  the
answers really should be appearing right now quickly when you start to
look for yourself.

can you tell me the ways you look for information online and we can work
through the reason that it was difficult to find it?


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