On Sunday 01 May 2005 3:15 pm, Centipede wrote:
> > none!  Have you considered what kind of license to attach to your work?
> Not at all, except for the fact that people can do anything they want with
> it. Which one do you suggest?

(IANAL -- I Am Not A Lawyer -- but...)

"anything they want" is the reason to choose a license. While I can't put 
google on it, somewhere I've read about software that wasn't protected by the 
GPL. Later, there was a problem proving that it was indeed free software. 
Putting your code under the GPL license allows anyone to use the code, but 
doesn't let them place restrictions on its distribution.

If you don't mind someone incorporating your work in something that they sell 
with a restricted license, you could choose a license similar to the one used 
by the BSD folks. I'm pretty sure, that's the underlying OS in Mac OS-X. And 
I'm also pretty sure the networking code in it is the basis for MS networking 
(someone once did a character search on the Windows code files and found the 
Berkeley license embedded in the code -- which is OK with Berkeley.)

So, I would encourage you to read up on the GPL and other licenses, or work 
with the Gimp developers on choosing an appropriate license for your work, 
but in any case, place your code under the protection of some form of 

And, most importantly, thanks for your contribution.


Dick Steffens

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