On Mon, May 02, 2005 at 09:52:30PM +0200, Stefan Frings wrote:
> > when you searched the gimp-user list 
> That did not work. There was a technical issue with the archive yesterday.

the mail archives is a problem.  

many of us writing tutorials are curious what using the words "gimp
linux batch" in any search engine does for you.

for some reason, one or more of them either are not being used or do not
send back results about image software.

can you try that for me?  put the words "gimp batch" into any search
engine and see what the results are.

it should happen one day or another that the search engines will provide
information from contributors.  we have a disadvantage since we do not
pay for position.  it just seems to me that this should be showing up
one day soon.

tell me the results you get and the engine you used.  search the web, i
think there is more than just the one tutorial that is available on the
gimp web site.


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