I've been using Photoshop for a bunch of years and only recently used GIMP a 
few times at work.

Having access to Photoshop and being comfortable with it, I have no reason to 
use GIMP. The times I have used it, I was a bit annoyed by the interface... how 
there is no main window that contains everything. As well, some of the 
organization of menus seemed odd. Of course the interface is a personal thing, 
and it takes getting used to the change.

For my work specifically, I wished GIMP would offer more control over palettes 
in Indexed images. More control over chunks in PNG files. But these are 
specific things that I need in my work. Photoshop lacks in some areas too, 
that's why in the end I use up to 10 different graphics applications and 
utilities at work.

In terms of editing, layers, and effects... nothing beats Photoshop in my books.

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We're an organization promoting open source in Macau. We're considering
whether to organize some training courses on GIMP or not. Before that, 
we'd like to evaluate how powerful GIMP is when compared to Photoshop. 
We're not insisting that it must be as powerful as Photoshop. We just 
need a clear idea on its power. 

As I'm not a graphics guy, I've got a colleague to do some initial 
evaluation. As my colleague has a strong photoshop background but is 
just getting started with GIMP, I'd like to have the confirmation from 
someone like you with strong GIMP experience. So, would you please
comment on my colleague's finding below? Thanks in advance!

Disadvantage of GIMP
- Text tool
-- Can't display Chinese in the "GIMP Text Editor"
-- Can't control indivitual text format in the same Text. (The format applies to
the whole text)
-- Compare to PhotoShop, creating text effect is difficult. Photoshop built in
text effects. GIMP can only use the filter or script-fu to create effect. 
-- Compare to PhotoShop, text effect will still be apply even the Text is
changed. But you need to do everything again if you text need to be changed.
-- Can't display Chinese font in the font selection list.

- Layers control
-- Can't display Chinese in the Layer.
-- Compare to PhotoShop, managing the layers is not that easy. You can define
layers to groups in Photoshop. You can even target an action to a group. No
group idea in GIMP.

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