> Where exactly do i put the .py scripts so graciously shared?
> I have tried several different locations ( ~/.gimp/scripts ~/.gimp/plug-ins 
> ~/.gimp/modules) but i cant seem to find the plugin anywhere.
> The source (if i read it right) should end up under /Python-fu/Alchemy
> But all i have there is Clothify... 

I don't understand this? My files are in:

  brushes ==> .gimp-2.2/brushes
  patterns ==> .gimp-2.2/patterns
  python scripts ==> .gimp-2.2/plug-ins

and the scripts appear under (when right-clicking on an open image, not
in the generic python menu):

> I think i have the brushes allright..
> Havent tried the patterns or textures yet (Still working out where to put 
> them)

The textures are not meant for GIMP but for 3D programs. Actually the
patterns are [possibly scaled-down] copies of the textures.

Sincerely Rene

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