> Thats one of the problems here:
> Gimp which is fairly young is compared to an OLDtimer as Photoshop who's been
> around for ages!
> Of course graphic artists use photoshop. Its was the only thing available a
> few years back with any kind of usefullness.
> Its the same situation as with GNU/Linux itself. It took a few years of
> collaborate work to get it up to (and even beyond) par with MS Windows.
> Gimp is developing rather rapidly and as far as i can see, steadily in the
> same direction. Giv it a little more time and you'll have a piece of software
> that will exceed even the oldie Photoshop.
> In lieu of the fact that Gimp and most of the open source software is on "free
> time" basis, i'd say Gimp is a KILLER application.
> And i am sure that it will continue to develop.
> Just my two cents worth...
> --
>          /Rikard

Comparing TheGIMP with Photoshop is natural, we are looking at the
best of open-source vs the best of closed-source (some might suggest
PSP or otherwise). People do this all the time. How is this bad? This
gives the developers more ideas for improving TheGIMP.

> Adobe Photoshop also has scripting in the form of Actions.
Photoshop CS now has expanded scripting capabilities (AppleScript in
OSX; VBScript and JavaScript in Windows)

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