David Marrs wrote:
> As for layer effects, well perhaps you should ask the users what it is
> they get out of them. Who knows? You might learn something. 

I think most of the developers already understand the value
of layer effects quite well.  Let me try to summarize the current
situation.  There are basically two possible ways of proceeding.
One is to add layer effects onto the current GIMP architecture,
which could be done, but in a somewhat hackish and ugly way.
The other is to defer them until the arrival of the long-planned
GEGL-based architecture, which will make layer effects and many
other nice things easy and natural to implement.  The decision
has been to wait for GEGL.  Whether this is the correct strategy
can be debated, but it definitely doesn't mean that we don't
care about layer effects.

  -- Bill

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