Just a general question to throw out there: Is it feasible to have GIMP be modular in it's filters and image tools (basically all of the image processing stuff outside of painting)? I've worked in 3D with apps that have such an approach, where each module can be added / removed and the object(s) update accordingly. This would make image editing even more flexible, professional, and sexy (hehehe). This way, one doesn't worry as much about having to go thru a lot of undos when something goes wrong or the artist has a flash of inspiration that's on a totally different track than he/she was on before. I've been using GIMP for quite a while now, and I believe such functionality would really enhance the GIMP experience.

I realize doing such a thing would be a significant change in the inner workings of the app. But it's an idea, and that's what's great about the open-source world: that ideas are exchanged and acted upon (or discarded) without sitting in board rooms talking about demographics and cost-effectiveness and all that drab rubbish! L8rz!
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