John Grimmett and Loreta Medina wrote:
Hello, everyone. I'm brand new to GIMP for Mac, so first a hearty hello!

For my first project with GIMP, I'm trying to make a postcard for an art exhibition. I started by opening the central image that I want on the card, then I adjusted the size of the layer containing the image to 6.75 X 4.75 inches, the approximate dimension of most postcards, with a little extra at bottom for some text info.

Now, here's where I'm having trouble:

I want to place a text layer on the image, but with only part of the text on the image. The rest of the text should be dangling off the image, with a line of text in the extra white space under the image.

So, I typed the text I wanted into the text tool window. The part of the text that lies on the image is visible, but the part that dangles off into the white space below is invisible. I can't see it.

This seems to be a problem with the way the two layers--the one with the image and the one with the text--are interacting. It seems that after I enter a text layer, I can no longer see the entire image layer, including the extra white space at bottom. Likewise, it seems that whatever I put into the text layer dangling off the image itself, I cannot see.

Any guidance? Please... I have a deadline for this project. Thank you.

John Grimmett
Hi John,

I am not sure to understand everything you said, so I will ask you a few questions:
What you want is a white frame (6.75x4.75 inches) around an image (smaller), and some text at the bottom overlapping both the image and the white frame, right?

You said you "adjusted the size of the layer containing the image to 6.75 x 4.75 inches", did you adjusted using "Layer boundary size..." (in the "Layer" menu or right-clicking on the layer in the "Layers, Channels..." window) or by "Canvas Size..." (in the "Image" menu) ?
I suspect you have used the first one which would result in what you describe, while what you really want is not to use the second.



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