Welcome John. (2 ways to do this. Top one is better, because it's easier
to colour the background)

1.) First open a new image (File>New...) with the desired size (in this
case I thing you said 6.75 X 4.75) and the desired background colour,
then open the "central image" (File>Open...), then copy the "central
image" (Edit>Copy (make sure it's the correct layer if you have more
than one in the "central image", or just flatten the central image, the
flattening of an image means merging all layers together and it's done
by right clicking on the layers dialog box and choosing "Flatten
image")) and paste it into the "new image" (the one you just created
with 6.75X4.75) by doing Edit>Paste in the "new image" and then finally
you have to create a new layer in "new image" or choose "anchor layer"
for the pasting to take place. The last thing, of course, would be the


2.) You can open "central image", go to "Image>Canvas Size..." then
choose the new size (6.75X4.75) and at the bottom a little preview
should be there. Here you can drag the image around to tell GIMP where
the new space is going to go (e.g. around the image, top left, bottom
left, etc.)


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