David Marrs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> In trying that just now, I (genuinely) couldn't get the lassoo to
> work. This is an example of the sort of problem I come across every
> time I try a new tool, or come back to one that I haven't used in a
> while. Because I've been using GIMP for a little while now, I'm
> getting used to the idea of holding down modifier keys. So it didn't
> take me long to figure out that I needed to hold down shift to make
> the selection. With a bit more playing, I finally figured out what
> the default lassoo action actually does. Maybe there's a good reason
> for having the primary action intersect and the secondary action
> add. Whatever it is, it's not to aid learning.

It was you who set it up that way. The default action of all selection
tools is of course to replace the existing selection. The currently
active mode is always shown in the tool-options.

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