Thank you, everyone, for the great amount of info I've gotten on this layer

First, some apologies: Please understand that I'm totally new to GIMP, and I'm
not a designer. I'm starting at zero. I'm doing this postcard for my wife to
try to keep from paying a professional. But of course if I can learn how to
use GIMP, I'll do a lot more with it.

I did consult the help documentation at, but that documentation is
obviously a work in progress, and is incomplete as far as I can tell. That's
why I went looking for this fine mailing list. Sometimes it's better to just
go directly to the people with experience than to wade through dubious help

Now, to the point:

Olivier, Michael, and Gezim all suggested "resize Canvas" instead of "resize
layer." You were all right that I had used "resize layer."

OK, so I have tried using resize canvas. That added some space at the bottom.
Here's what I'm seeing now:

My central image has white space on three sides as a result of previous layer
resizing. The layer containing the central image has a yellow and black
dotted line around it--that's the layer boundary. On the bottom, the image
touches the layer boundary, and below this layer boundary there is a
checkerboard pattern. That checkerboard is the result of the canvas resize
you recommended. I suspect that the image might be extending into new canvas
space, but I can't see it.

Is that checkerboard pattern a background coloring that I should change, or is
it the default look of an empty canvas space? Is the bottom of the image
hiding somewhere in that checkerboard? Where to go from here...


John Grimmett and Loreta Medina wrote:

Hello, everyone. I'm brand new to GIMP for Mac, so first a hearty hello!

For my first project with GIMP, I'm trying to make a postcard for an art exhibition. I started by opening the central image that I want on the card, then I adjusted the size of the layer containing the image to 6.75 X 4.75 inches, the approximate dimension of most postcards, with a little extra at bottom for some text info.

Now, here's where I'm having trouble:

I want to place a text layer on the image, but with only part of the text on the image. The rest of the text should be dangling off the image, with a line of text in the extra white space under the image.

So, I typed the text I wanted into the text tool window. The part of the text that lies on the image is visible, but the part that dangles off into the white space below is invisible. I can't see it.

This seems to be a problem with the way the two layers--the one with the image and the one with the text--are interacting. It seems that after I enter a text layer, I can no longer see the entire image layer, including the extra white space at bottom. Likewise, it seems that whatever I put into the text layer dangling off the image itself, I cannot see.

Any guidance? Please... I have a deadline for this project. Thank you.

John Grimmett

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