It seems that some Photoshop users have this notion that GIMP was meant to be the David to Adobe's Goliath. Maybe it's just me, but I see GIMP as developing into its own application rather than being a mere Photoshop clone. I think that unfortunately, some people who slam GIMP are of the "hand it to me on a silver platter" mentality rather than simply not knowing how to use GIMP. Some don't want to tackle any kind of significant learning curve ... some do but are impatient. I've used GIMP for a long while now, and will stand by it -- especially since it's such a well-developed open-source application. Yes, there is room for improvement, and I believe it'll come, but if the basis of the GIMP-slammer's rant is that "it isn't like Photoshop", it won't matter how good GIMP gets. L8rz!

 - Del'riaan

On Sun, 08 May 2005 08:12:15 -0700, Tom Williams <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Kalle Ounapuu wrote:
The bug-tracker serves it's purpose, but you can't expect everyone to be reading it over before making any comment about GIMP.

I agree. People use Gimp (or try to) and have a problem or criticism and post their feedback here instead of filing bug/enhancement reports or looking to see what is already documented in Bugzilla, etc.

Maybe there are GIMP users who would love everyone to drop Photoshop (or whatever) and use GIMP.

You know, I'm not sure this is really the case. At least not based on discussion I've seen on this mailing list. I think a lot of frustration stems from people slamming Gimp for simply not looking, feeling, behaving, or tasting exactly like PhotoShop. It's almost like if it's not PhotoShop, it's crap. The focus tends to be on what PhotoShop does that Gimp doesn't do and almost no mention is made of the things Gimp can do that PhotoShop can't.

If so, they will have to deal with more of this.

I think constructive criticism on Gimp's UI, usability, features or missing features is what is desired much more than the "Gimp sucks cuz it can't do this obscure thing PhotoShop can" kinds of comments.

Not everyone can spend the time to search something out, or in fact they don't care, they would rather voice it out right away.

Yep, you're right on the money here. I think the bulk of the new Gimp users don't even think to look at Bugzilla or maybe even the mailing list archives before posting their comments since they are frustrated or focused on what they are trying to do with Gimp and simply post questions or comments to get "immediate" help. I know I tend to do the same from time to time but I try to search the mailing list archives before posting a question to see if it has already been discussed.



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a forum where they can constantly bombard and belittle TheGIMP and are
free to do so and the best they can pull out of their over-extended
reasoning is this layers effect stuff.

I'm not sure who "they" are, but if you're referring to people in this
list that are not afraid to admit gimp's weaknesses, these people have
every right to point them out. You can't fix a problem if you don't even
accept it. Lack of layer effects is not a problem?
  You are perfectly right that it is important to point out weak spots.
The discussions that have been happening on this list lately have
however not pointed out a singleq weak spots that wouldn't have been
well-known already. Bringing up stuff that is already in the
bug-tracker and on the roadmap for years doesn't really help anyone.
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