Olivier Lecarme writes:
> I just bought a Wacom Intuos tablet, A5 format.
[ ... ]
> and my tablet is now recognized by Gimp (2.2), with the three devices
> (stylus, eraser, and mouse).
> However, I cannot manage to have a different behavior for these three
> devices. In the Devices dialog, only the "Core Pointer" entry seems to
> be active (with a triangle in front of it). In the dialog get from
> Toolbox -> Files -> Preferences -> Input Devices, I don't understand
> what is the meaning of "Axes", "Keys", and all these numbers. The
> tutorial by Carol Spears stops just before describing this. The Gimp
> user manual does not describe this at all.

I had exactly this problem for a long time with my Graphire 2.
The wacdump program showed the kernel was reading the events
properly, but somehow they weren't making it through X to gtk
and GIMP.

Yesterday, thanks to a very helpful person on IRC (thanks, Keir,
if you're reading this) I got all the pieces working together and
my Graphire works again.

I wrote up the setup which eventually worked, and some tips I've
picked up: http://shallowsky.com/linux/wacom.html

Perhaps something there will help with your Intuos.
Good luck!

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