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Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Is it possible to somehow have the Save dialog store this directory
iin some form of history, so I could easily select it?

There's the bookmarks pane on the left. You can add your directory there for quick access.

I am probably missing something.

Where is this bookmark pane?

Have a look at this (old) screenshot of the open dialog. http://developer.gimp.org/screenshots/gimp-open-dialog.png

The Save dialog is very similar (without the preview pane).
The bookmarks are on the left, under the Home, Desktop, Filesystem ... icons. You see an horizontal line, and folders that are in realioty bookmarks to folders. You can add and remove bookmarks with the add and remove buttons (the are active whem a folder is selected).

Of course, the first time (when creating the bookmark) you need to click on the "Browse for other folders" cross to access this view.

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If I do File->Save as I get a dialogue box which allows me to save in

or the directory where the image came from

The only way I can get to another directory is to navigate there, and navigate there every time.


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