David Marrs wrote:
"Easier" for whom? the users or the developers? Since there's only one GIMP set-up anyway, I don't see how it makes a difference; any suggestion I make is going to be a direct result of the default GIMP set-up that I'm using. I'm not biased by Photoshop, PSP or anything else, I'm just acutely aware of the user interface's short comings and I'm trying to address them.

Making GIMP newbies (which I'm not, btw) learn the interface until they get used to it only means that they'll get used to the GIMP's short comings, not that they'll go away. It's just the same as how Windows users put up with their interface, all the time forgetting how restrictive it is. When it's all you can see, it becomes normal. It's only after you come back to Windows after spending months away, using a different OS like Linux+Gnome, that you suddenly realise how poor Windows actually is. If Microsoft were trying to get users to migrate from GNU/Linux to Windows, they'd be out of business in weeks.

So I think you unwittingly hit the nail on the head with regard to the GIMP's problem: it insists that its users conform to its way of doing things instead of being malleable so that different users with different approaches can tailor it to suit their needs. Its approach obviously works for you, which is why you're happy with it. Just try to remember that your way isn't necessarily the *right* way.

I agree 100% with this, very well stated. I think PhotoShop users "suffer" from this as well as they don't realize the "PhotoShop way" isn't necessarily the *right* way.

Great post!


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