Olivier Ripoll wrote:

> Mikhail Ramendik wrote:

> > Could one somehow make the "browse for other folders" section open by
> > default?

> I will probably say a stupid thing here, but I think it would go against 
> the HIG (Human Interface Guidelines) of Gnome:

And? ;)

> PS: (My personal opinion is that the HIG has to be changed and the 

Yes - GIMP as one of the leading GTK+ apps should be able define some things
of the HIG.

> options of filetype and location should be visible.)

Folder yes, filetype no, at least if we're talking about default settings.
Of course, the dialogs should be able to save the defaults, if the user
wants it.

Filetype selection is an expert feature, the "By extension" is one of the
best ways of using file extensions.


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