Olivier Ripoll <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> That 1) an announcement of Gimp 2.2.7 would be welcome on the
> gimp-devel and gimp-user mailing lists. I do not usually check the
> web site.

You could subscribe to my weblog instead ;)

> And that 2) if the announcement could contain some explanations on
> what is new and or what important bugs were corrected, it would be
> also nice :)

I didn't have the impression that anyone would have ever cared about
release announcement mails but perhaps that was a wrong impression.
But since those mails take a considerable amount of time to write, I
would prefer to only do that for major releases? Perhaps someone else
wants to write the mails instead? Or prepare the mail and give it to
me so I can review and send it?

> Is it highly recommended to upgrade ?

GIMP 2.2.7 only features a number of smaller bugfixes. The most
important fix (bug #301028) only affects the Win32 platform.

> Of course, I would not have had to go and dig in bugzilla if the web
> site annoucement had contained a link to this:
> http://developer.gimp.org/NEWS-2.2

Oh, doesn't it? I usually try to include a link to the NEWS file when
announcing the release on the web-site.

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