> Here are some things I found I couldn't do with PhotoShop 
> Elements and I'm sure 
> someone will correct me if they are possible with the 
> full-blown PhotoShop:
> *)  Take screenshots.  I often take screenshots of Gimp or 
> other apps, if not 
> the desktop.  The cool thing about doing it *within* the 
> graphics app is I can 
> immediately scale, resize, or otherwise manipulate the image 
> without having to 
> use one app to take the screenshot and another to do the manipulation.

On my PC with Photoshop I simply press Print Screen on my keyboard, go into 
Photoshop, make a new image and ctrl+v to paste the screenshot. When making a 
new image (e.g. File/New), the screenshot dimensions are automatically 
detected. If I didn't have this basic "PRNT SCREEN" capability working, or I 
wanted a more automation with multiple screenshots, I would probably use 
HyperSnap DX or some other screenshot program.

Seems like a lot of GIMP users are interested in taking screenshots and 
sharpening them... what gives? =)

> *)  Have a finer granularity of control over sharpening 
> images.  With PS 
> Elements, I could keep clicking the "sharpen more" menu 
> option to sharpen the 
> image I had loaded.  With Gimp, I can dial-in the precise 
> amount of sharpening I 
> want using the "sharpen" filter.  I didn't think to compare 
> the number or types 
> of sharpening filters that came with Gimp vs PS Elements.

Photoshop's Sharpen filters do need updating. They have been like that for 
years I think. It's strange that you get no dialog when doing the basic 
"Sharpen". It just runs with whatever defaults it has.
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